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What can you visit or how can you have fun
Those 1,190 tropical islands reefs are famous all over the world thanks to underwater tourism. Water has a high visibility at over 50 meters due to its perfect temperature for bathing, so that you will  fully enjoy the beauties of the depths. Do not worry if it is the first time you dive. Once you're in Maldives, you'll find everything you need, including schools for diving beginners. Moreover, you will find everywhere diving rental equipments stores. Do not forget to navigate in one of the many glass-bottom boats at your disposal in Maldives, for an authentic experience. Go to see sharks and tropical fish reef at Mushimasmingili Thila for a more exotic holiday. Or walk through the Islamic Centre to admire more than 20 mosques scattered all over the capital. Fishing enthusiasts could have an unique experience, if they choose to take a boat trip by night. Do not forget to visit Maldives Victory wreck that was sunk in 1981 and do not return home until you spend at least one night on a desert island!
A Culinary Paradise
In the white beaches Eden, you will be charmed by famous traditional dances and music performances, while natives will show to you their slow or alert movements in a frenzy that will surely catch you. Let your taste buds to enjoy the unusual flavour of a traditional drink made from crushed nuts, pepper leaves with cloves and lemon, or the delicious fish and rice plates.
You should choose this destination between December and April, when you can enjoy a few more hours of sun. This period is the peak of dry season in this part of the world. In addition, you will enjoy a greater water visibility and a temperature-good enough to make jealous all those who you left at home. Most natives are offended by low-necked clothes or nudity - except for the those working in resorts -, so do not expect to see them outside their isolated communities. Remember to have your entire body covered, if you enter a mosque, not to upset the indigenous Muslims. Otherwise... enjoy the best that nature has given to Maldives!
Eden white beaches and psychedelic landscapes - Maldives
A tourist destination cut as if from Heaven - where you can relax on a beach with fine white sand, give free rein to your imagination contemplating really impressive water and azure lagoons, and enjoy the psychedelic colours -  is waiting for you all year round. Highly demanded by tourists from all over the world, Maldives will open to you the door to a world dominated by corals and palm trees, where all you have to do is leave your senses to escape. You will enjoy a variety of water sports, be amazed by many creatures and go ecstatic by creative nature. If you choose Maldives as your holiday destination , do not forget to put your bathing suit in the bag and make sure you leave all your worries at home. And you will return from there with fully charged. batteries.
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