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Relax in the greenest European city
material by TRAVEL MIX  TV channel
for www.7travel-magazine.eu
author: Fadia HÎRŢAN
A green city and European capital, Copenhagen is very popular with tourists who pass its threshold each year in an impressive number. A place that deserves to be seen from May to September, the largest city in Scandinavia is waiting for you to discover the narrow streets, houses with gables and sky crossed by the Danish church steeples. Well-developed pedestrian areas, green spaces conscientiously cleaned, thousands of bicycles crossing streets and a culture of shopping are all eager to meet you. The summer season is crowned by the beer festival, held in the shadow of high baroque palaces and museums of art and culture impregnated. However, it is good to know that you must go there with full pockets, if you want your holiday in the capital of Denmark to be a success, because prices are a bit higher, than in other cities.
Free shipping through the greenest city in the old continent
The best mean of transport in one of the most expensive capitals of the world is cycling. It's good to know that in almost any station, harbour, park or other public places you can rent a bike for only kroner 20, the equivalent of Euro 2.7, which will take you around the city. When you get tired, you can leave the bicycle in a special parking place for two-wheeled transport, but not necessarily in the same place where you got it, and you’ll get your money back. You can go for a good walk in Tivoli, the famous park in Copenhagen. Danish laws are very strict anti-pollution and the number of bicycles it is more than twice that of cars. If you arrive in the capital of Denmark in the summer, you can enjoy a flavoured coffee in one of the many terraces of streets, sidewalks or you can go eating in a fancy restaurant.

Streets for shopping
Danish name Kobenhavn  means in fact “Merchants’ Port” recalling the role played by Danish capital in the commercial and military history of the Baltic Sea. Although is the smallest European capital, Copenhagen is waiting for you with shops of all kinds, the most famous being those  selling household items, especially  Bing & Grřndahl china and Den Kongelige Porcelainsfabrik, but also Georg Jensen, silver. If you want to go shopping during your  vacation, you have to reach Strřget, one of the most famous shopping streets in Europe.

Art and culture in parks

Art lovers will be fascinated by the museums and galleries hosted by Copenhagen. If you are passionate about art collections, it is a must to see Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, probably the best gallery in the area  hosting Etruscan artifacts and works of great masters. Charlottenborg, a palace built in Baroque style where classical architecture gives a new dimension to modern art, and the National Museum, for those who want to find a synthesis of Danish culture and civilization, are two other places that should not be missed. If time still allows you, walk in the Town Hall Square where the most appreciated jazz festivals take place, do not forget the Black Diamond, a futuristic building, and admire The Little Mermaid, a character from one of Andersen's fairy tales. Copenhagen will give you a spectacular night life, full of cultural and theater events. You will enjoy free concerts in public parks and gardens, but you could have fun also in clubs or pubs, which are almost always full.
Relaxare in cel mai verde oras european Copenhaga