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You can start with a tour in the huge wheel, where  you can see an impressive panorama of the Austrian capital.. Prater employees will provide to you the most important data on the history of the park, from the entry into the wheel, and also a place where you can visit the small museum with miniature figurines. If you have enough courage, you can climb the Dizzy Mouse, a roller-coaster that will test your balance by spinning until you get dizzy. Then you will be swallowed by a giant cat. In the vicinity you will find a wild river from the Alps, where you could slide with a huge ring from the mountain peak until his foot. It is likely to wet yourself during this adventure, but every drop of water will make your experience authentic. If you want to feel like Superman for a moment,  it is a must to try Volare, an attraction completelly original. Sit down on your belly and you will be worn fast on a winding route. To level your adrenaline, get on one of the little cars that allows you to come into collision with your fun partners, and do not forget to enter the House of Terror  to laugh till you drop after a scare of Hell. A railway ride is ready for children in Altwiener Grottenbahn fairy tales train, as well as an inflatable castle and a huge wheel. In addition to many other attractions, those who are fond of amusement could find more moto and go cart racing tracks, motor boats, trampolines, a magic carpet, a palace of laughter with a maze, game rooms, cinemas and carousels, theaters, miniature golf, shooting stands, swings and slides.
Prater is for many people a land of nostalgic dreams. It is located in the northeastern and central - eastern part of Vienna. Stretched along the Danube quay, Prater could be reached either by underground using the so called Viennese U-Bahn, or by tram, known as S-Bahn, by bus and by urban train line called as well Schellbahn. For any of these means of transport, you should get off at Praterstern station.
Adventure in the oldest amusement park in the world
Trampolines, carousel, roller coaster, mini golf, centrifugal wheels, bungee-jumping and trains, all gathered in a green oasis called  Prater. The Viennese amusement park, once the imperial hunting field, the oldest in the world today is an ideal place for a bit of relaxation. It has over 40 inventive installations  designed to make you forget about everyday problems. Housing the symbol of Vienna  - the Giant Ferris Wheel -, world famous, the amusement park is open all year round, even if some attraction are in standby since October to March. The epicurious have at their disposal a variety of restaurants, from pizzerias to cafes and from places with Mexican cuisine to the Austrian ones, ready to charm the most demanding taste buds. An area that contained four casinos, a planetarium and a golf course is reserved for adults. It is good to know that tourists do not pay any fee for park entrance. They have the possibility to enjoy the attractions of their choice and will pay the tickets to each of them. However, costs for all facilities will not exceed a hundred euros a person.
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